6 Cool Wedding Food Ideas

6 fun and practical wedding reception food ideas that will help maximize your budget and your guests’ experience!

Wedding Foods

While a lot of hard work and planning goes into your wedding day, food is always a major part of every occasion and something your guests remember.  In order to ensure the menu of your special day gets rave reviews, here are a few fun and practical wedding reception food ideas that will help you maximize your budget, as well as, your guests’ experience.

  1. Mini is Still Big
    Small bites have a big impact!  Sliders, cones, tacos, savory lollipops, soup sips… we could go on all night. Going mini allows your guests to enjoy a variety of unique flavors without getting them so stuffed they can’t show off their dance moves.  Remember, it’s supposed to be fun, small food options allow your guests to keep it moving all night long!
  2. Family Style
    Plated dinners are always nice, but sometimes they can feel a bit too formal and hinder the fun of moving around and socializing.  If you are totally against a buffet or stations, family style is an option you may want to consider.  Going family style is a little more casual, but not quite the buffet line.  Your guests will be able to pick and choose the foods they like while also being encouraged to interact with one another.  If you are not fully convinced family style is the way to go, you can always do a semi-family style dinner.  A semi-family style dinner consists of having a plated entrée for each guest while having fun sides come out on platters, it’s the best of both worlds!
  3. Variety, Variety, Variety!
    Stations are a great way to offer your guests an interactive experience, get them up and moving, and give them a wide selection of food.  These are not your parent’s stations, it doesn’t have to be the same old carving and pasta stations.  Get a little crazy with an Avocado Martini Bar, Pulled Pork Tacos Station, Risotto Bar, Chicken and Waffle Station, you get the idea.  Be creative, there are no rules when it comes to the foods you choose for your special day!
  4. Comfort is Always Cool
    Comfort can be casual or upscale and it’s a fun way to get your guests to experiment a little bit.  Comfort food can be great, delicious, and memorable.  Take the classics and give them an unexpected twist.  Try Cajun Spiced Roasted Chicken, Greek Meatloaf, Loaded 5 Cheese Mac and Cheese, Mini Grilled Cheese Sandwich Station, Texas Chili Bar, Chicken and Waffles, Champagne and Fried Chicken, nothing is off limits.  Incorporating foods everyone loves into your wedding reception with a sophisticated twist is something all of your guests can enjoy, don’t be afraid!
  5. Cocktails
    These days, when it comes to events, the drinks are as important as the food.  It doesn’t matter if you are doing beer and wine or a super-premium open bar, it’s easy to make it fun!  Make an effort to do a custom cocktail or two, your guests will definitely want to try the drink they can only get exclusively at your wedding.  Also, offer local craft beers to make the bar a little more interesting.  Oh and by the way, did you know frozen cocktail popsicles are a thing now? YUP, who wouldn’t want to give that a try?!
  6. Finish Strong
    You’ve planned every detail up to this point, just when your guests think the night is done, hit them with your one final touch, DESSERT!  There are several ways to do this, depending on your preference, but here are a few of our favorite ideas.  Passed warm beignets or warm chocolate chip cookies, passed assorted chocolate truffle lollipops, mini milkshake shots, a chocolate fondue station, we could go on, but we think you get the idea.  Be sure to finish like you started, STRONG.  Nothing tops off a great night like satisfying your sweet tooth.

Always remember, be creative.  Any food can be made into a wedding food with the help of your caterer.  It’s your special day so if you like it, have it!  Don’t be fooled by classic weddings of the past, there are no rules to the type of food you have to serve at your wedding reception.

Author: wedbites

I am a Dallas-Fort Worth Wedding planner with years of experience under her belt. Here to help give you the best advice, tips & tricks to help planning your specials day as easy and successful as possible!

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