How To Do A Brunch Wedding Right!

If you are looking for a budget-friendly reception idea you may want to consider a brunch style menu.  With a brunch theme, there is so much flexibility and who doesn’t love breakfast foods?!  Here are some tips to make your brunch reception really “wow” your guests!

1. Classic Brunch Beverage Station
Mimosas and Bloody Marys are both classic brunch beverages that will add a fun element to your event!  For the Mimosas, have a variety of juices for your guests to use and get creative with. For those who aren’t a fan of the bubbly, have some chopped veggie sticks out for the Bloody Marys to allow your guests to make their beverage a little more fun and add a pop of color to the display!

2. Hors D’oeuvres & Spreads
Savory hors d’oeuvres like risotto cakes, deviled eggs, and chicken & waffle skewers really fit the brunch theme and are great for cocktail hour to really get your guest’s palette warmed up for the rest of the meal! Or maybe your guests want something a little lighter so they don’t fill up before the main course.  In this case, a fruit and cheese spread will be great for those who love to graze throughout the event. Since most people love either fruit or cheese, and sometimes both, this is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

3. Different Menu Styles
With a brunch themed menu, there are no rules!  Feel free to mix the styles of your menu, such as having a few family-style sides to make for an intimate feel and a carving station as a way to incorporate a great meat dish.
A delicious honey baked ham carving station is always a favorite and works as the perfect meat for brunch with it’s sweet and savory tastes.

4. Omelet Station
Speaking of mixing menu styles, why not add an omelet station?!  Instead of doing plain scrambled eggs in a chafer dish, go for an omelet station where your guests can pick and choose what add-ins they would like for a delicious custom, fresh-made omelet!

5. Coffee and Tea Bar
Having a coffee and tea bar is a great way to jazz up a simple beverage and give your guests the chance to make their cup exactly how they like it!  Not only does coffee or tea somehow come into play at every event, but you can also use this as a chance to provide wedding favors to your guests.  Whether you want to use this opportunity for a great takeaway gift, such as a custom ceramic mug, or just put your own personal touch to the station with monogrammed to-go cups or sleeves, it is sure to be a hit!
For an additional bonus, add some Baileys or Amoretto stir-in options to the station in order to really kick it up a notch! 

As you can see, going with a brunch-style wedding reception can be a lot of fun!  Not only do you get to choose from fun foods that are everyone’s favorites, but you also get to be creative and put a fun twist on the traditional. There is no doubt that your guests will enjoy all of your sweet and savory menu choices as well as your beverages, whether they are spiked or not!  Be creative, have fun, and as always, happy wedding planning.

Fun Food Trends For Your Wedding in 2016

Whether you are looking to do off beat things from the start, or you just want to add a little fun flair to your classic concept, here are a few ideas to make your meals memorable.

The best way to your guests is through their stomachs. While traditional chicken buffets and plated steak dinners are always a great route to take, there’s no harm in exploring some new options! Whether you are looking to do off beat things from the start, or you just want to add a little fun flair to your classic concept, here are a few ideas to make your meals memorable.

Who doesn’t love breakfast?! While this concept is more common than it used to be, it is still far underutilized in my opinion. Whether you are hosting a daytime or evening wedding, guests will not be able to resist the savory smell of bacon. From chicken and waffles made fresh to order, to build your own mimosa and Bloody Mary bars, there are so many great twists to make it personal. Guests love being able to customize things to their taste buds, and brunch stations are a great way to do that!

Mini-cocktails paired with an appetizer
Pairing drinks with appetizers is not only fun, it’s practical! Let the food AND drinks come to your guests at cocktail hour. Pair a taco with a mini margarita (maybe your uncle’s signature recipe?) or serve sliders with a mini mug of the couple’s favorite beer! Choosing a favorite food and drink duo to be passed around will allow guests to learn a little about the newlyweds while keeping them happy until it’s time for dinner.

Late night snack
This could be done by your caterer or a food truck! After your guests have danced the night away, offering a late night bite is perfect. Sliders, tacos, mini pizzas, mac and cheese… the ‘fourth meal’ options are endless! If you decided to keep things a bit more traditional with dinner, this would be a great way to change things up once guests are in full party mode. There’s no better way to wind down from a great dance party than with a little snack for the road.

Remember, although others may lead you to believe differently, there are no wedding food rules.  This is your day and if you want to have breakfast for dinner or burgers to end the night, go for it!  Enjoy your one and only special day with everything you love and everything you love to eat.  Your guests will be glad you did!